Stepping it Up for Reconciliation






Its been 20 years since the Corroboree 2000 Bridge Walk, where on Sunday 28th May in 2000 more than 250,000 people marched together across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in support of reconciliation. That day has gone down in Australia’s history as one of the most unifying memorable moments. This symbol of unity has been acknowledged in 2020 with the theme of National Reconciliation Week being named as “In This Together”.

With the current COVID-19 restrictions, it has not been possible for such a walk or gathering in 2020. However, we are innovative and creative peoples so we are asking people to join in a week-long activity that is aimed as showing South Australians we all remain committed to reconciliation and a fair and just community. 

Your Call to Action

We’re asking everyone to help replicate the spirit of that Bridge Walk!

So, here is the challenge. The length of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is 1.14km which equates to about 1,600 steps.

The challenge that we’re setting for you, is to walk, run, or ride across the virtual Sydney harbour bridge at least once a day for every day of National Reconciliation Week (27th May to 3rd June). These steps or kms are to be purposeful and reflective of your or your organisations journey of reconciliation.

Each day log on to the Reconciliation SA website and log your steps – it will send a message to all South Australians that we are indeed all in this together.

In this way, we can all demonstrate our personal commitment, and our own personal journey to learn more about our rich and diverse Australian history and Culture, and in the spirit of genuine reconciliation we can all take the time to learn just a little more about our Country’s rich and diverse history and Culture. We are………. all in this together.


Competition Details


Who can enter the competition?

Any and all persons can enter


How can we send our entry in?

  1. Register your name and email
  2. Each day log in and record your steps
  3. Remember to REFER a friend or family member so they can participate

What do participants receive?

Each person who completes the entirety of challenge will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’.

Prizes will be presented in the following categories

  1. Most distance travelled
  2. Most successful referrals
  3. Most creative action shot

What are the important dates?

  • Register at anytime prior to May 27th 2020
  • Walking (or preferred activity) to be completed each day from May 27th 2020 to and inclusive of 3rd June 2020
  • Last date to record your steps is June 4th 2020
  • The winners will be announced on Friday 6 June 2020 via facebook at 3pm



To download a copy of the T&Cs and an entry form, click here.

Please contact for further information and support.