The Uluru Statement from the Heart is a profound call from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples for constitutional change and structural reform in their relationship with Australia. The Uluru Statement calls for three fundamental changes: Voice, Treaty, Truth.

The success of any future referendum on enshrining a First Nations Voice into the Constitution will depend on gaining the support of the majority of Australians, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal. Your support is essential!

This tool kit has been created to help Local Reconciliation Groups, organisations and individuals host events to increase knowledge about what The Uluru Statement from the Heart is and what it calls for, and how all Australians have a role to play in showing their support.

This kit provides an easy and accessible guide to create an event that is as big or small as you wish to make it. A morning tea in the staff room, an afternoon tea in your home, a workshop in your workplace, or a town hall gathering with a panel discussion or distinguished speaker.

We have provided ideas, templates, and access to resources both in hard copy and downloadable files.

Thanks for taking the time to explore this toolkit and we wish you great success in hosting an event in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.