The following Education Packs are produced by Reconciliation SA in partnership with the Aboriginal Education and Employment unit of Department of Education and Children’s Services, Catholic Education SA, the Association of Independent Schools of SA and Dare to Lead.

The Education Packs are designed to be stand-alone teaching resources for early, primary and middle years. They were updated in 2016, with the support of Reconciliation Australia, and include links to the Australian Curriculum.

Forgotten Heroes

Forgotten Heroes honours the service and sacrifice of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples who served in overseas wars and conflicts since the Boer war in 1899-1902. Prevented from enlisting some slipped through the net to serve their country with distinction and valour. This Education Pack discusses the reasons why Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples should be given more recognition for the contribution they have made to Australia's war effort, and asks students to take action in ensuring these stories are recorded and shared.

The 1967 Referendum

The 1967 Referendum contributed significantly to Australian political, social and cultural history. The staging and outcome of the Referendum indicated Australian society's maturity and willingness to recognise fundamental human rights and to give Aboriginal people a fair go. The constitutional amendment provided a pre-condition for social, economic, cultural change and Reconciliation in Australian society. This Education Pack provides knowledge of Australia's historical, social and political past, and supports understanding of citizenship, democratic processes, equality and human rights.

The Stolen Generations

"We cannot move forward until the legacies of the past are properly dealt with. This means acknowledging the truth of history, providing justice and allowing the process of healing to occur. We are not just talking here of the brutality of a time gone by - though that was certainly a shameful reality. We are talking of the present, of the ways in which the legacy of the past lives on for every single Aboriginal person and their families." - Lowitja O'Donoghue, Reconciliation SA Patron

Citizenship: let’s talk recognition

"The theme of this Education Pack "Citizenship: Let's Talk Recognition" explores clashes of cultures, the shaping of citizenship systems and the special place that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have in Australia as the traditional custodians of the land and water. True recognition requires awareness, information, respect and empathy; these characteristics are embodied within the symbolism of words such as the Apology but also require further action. This Education Pack contains the above characteristics and enables educators to teach the new generation of Australians so that they do not grow up with the ignorance of earlier generations." - Hon. Robyn Layton AO QC, Reconciliation SA Co-Chair

55,000 years and counting: celebrating our shared history

"The theme for this education pack is 55 000 years and counting: celebrating our shared history. The idea of Australia as a young nation continues to be challenged as the country embraces the ancient and ongoing cultures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the traditional custodians of this land. Acknowledging the nexus between this shared history and the fabric of contemporary Australia is critical for us as a society to forge a future, together." - Prof Peter Buckskin PSM FACE, Reconciliation SA Co-Chair