Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have represented Australia in every armed conflict and peace keeping mission in which Australia has participated since the start of last century. They did this, despite the racism or lack of recognition they experienced, because of a deep love and pride of their country.

Recognising the service and sacrifice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander servicemen and servicewomen is an important facet of shared histories and reconciliation journey.

Aboriginal Veterans SA (AVSA)

Aboriginal Veterans SA (AVSA) brings together veterans, their supporters and like-minded people to acknowledge and remember those Aboriginal servicemen and servicewomen who served our nation in peace and war.

AVSA is committed to:

  • Promoting recognition of those that served in defence of our country.
  • Raising awareness in the community about this service.
  • Advocating for Aboriginal servicemen and servicewomen.
  • Maintaining a living memorial of their service and sacrifice.

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